Sunday, June 27, 2010

The selective memory of James Sharman

James Sharman, The Score's number one soccer analyst, is an English transfer to Canada, if you will, and was twittering his thoughts during today's England/Germany game.

Particularly, when Frank Lampard's shot hit the roof of the crossbar, fell down clearly a yard beyond the line, which would have tied the game at 2.

Completely opposite to what happened to Geoff Hurst in the 1966 final against the Germans:

So, Sharman got a little angry, understandable:

To all the moronics suggesting revenge for '66; Eng won that gm 4-2 for the record.

So the insurance goal added in the end made all the difference to how we should perceive the game. Which is a fair argument. Except when you come out with this one after your team loses 4-1:

Gutted. Eng not good enough, but make no mistake, that non-call changed everything! Should not be dismissed due to scoreline. #worldcup

Oh well. Sucks to be English today. This 2010 World Cup for our cousins across the pond is pretty well exactly how we did in Olympic hockey in 2006. Dissapointing start, bow out early to your rivals in the knockout stage.

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