Monday, June 21, 2010

Darren Dreger is just no fun

It figures that when Ottawa Citizen writer Ken Warren puts together some exhaustively researched arguments about where Jason Spezza could eventually end up, that noted brat Eklund will set loose some vague conclusions on his legions of fans.

Two things about his post that I love.

#1 - 'Source' is capitalized.

#2 - "a well-placed source" denies an alleged 'Spezza to Columbus' trade as being off just minutes after Darren Dreger, citing Ottawa GM Bryan Murray denied the rumour on Twitter.

You may not be familiar with Twitter, but the first list that Eklund follows is what he calls 'the-big-3-nhl-twitterers', of which Darren Dreger is a part.

It's hard enough to be a hockey blogger out there without Dreger showing up every ten minutes and shitting on your parade, although it is worrying seeing so many BS Eklund rumours show up on the desks of mainstream media folks. Dreger tonight, and Sportsnet last week.

Keep in mind that when Nashville traded for Dan Hamhuis on Friday, that there was absolutely no lead-up to the event. It's almost as if a well-organized professional hockey front office doesn't release sensitive information that might harm the potential value of its assets, and that rumours do not come from NHL teams, but rather educated guesses coming from the team's beat-writers.

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