Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thousands of Torontonians protest Roy Halladay's Philadelphia start

That's what it was about, right?

Holy moly. Why any city would want to host the thing is beyond me.

Roy Halladay, in his "return" to Toronto, threw seven innings, striking out four. The game was played in front of just over 43,000 people, which is technically the best attendance figure for a Blue Jays home game this season.

Major League Baseball, instead of simply rescheduling the damn series, moved the three games against the Phillies to Philadelphia. As if that wasn't enough to patronize the few remaining Jays fans, they dressed Toronto in white, Philly in red, and let Toronto bat last.

It just looks so stupid.

Oh, and Toronto lost 9-0. Technically their worst home loss of the season.

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