Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pronger wears a skirt

Wednesday, June 9th

-Essentially all that happened today is the Chicago Tribune published a photoshopped picture of Masters Champion Chris Pronger wearing a skirt. Pronger responded by saying he "doesn't read what you [the media] write," but I'm pretty sure he's seen the picture, and thought it was just as lame as I do. This is something that would be moderately funny for somebody younger than 12, and frankly the Chicago Tribune look like dumb kids for running the picture.

Pronger has had a great playoffs. Nobody saw Philadelphia making it this far, and Pronger has pretty much lifted the team on his back and carried them to the finals. As much as we hate him, he's a great defenseman. His only two bad games of the playoffs are the games in which his goaltender(s) got absolutely shelled because they're bad goalies.

Also, did you know that the five times that the Conn Smythe Trophy was awarded to the losing team, twice it went to a member of the Flyers? There's a pretty high probability, given Jonathan Toews' no-show in the Finals (thanks in large part to Pronger dominating that line physically) that it could happen a third time.

-The Blue Jays had a chance to redeem themselves after blowing a pair of 9th inning leads to the Rays last week at home. Let's see how they did in the first of three against Tampa.

-Justin Morneau was one K short of the golden sombrero in an 0-for-4 night against Zack Grienke and the Royals. Jeff Francis gave up seven hits in as many innings, striking out one and getting a no-decision. Francis avoiding the loss thanks to an equally mediocre performance by his bullpen was the only bright spot in Canadian baseball today. Except for Stephen Strasburg of the Montreal Expos who had 14 Ks in his Major League debut. This is just what Montreal needs to get people back to the Big-O.


Game 6 is tonight, but mostly we're waiting for the World Cup, and its large Canadian contingent [K'Naan] to perform. With so few sports on TV, it's almost embarassing to have the TV on all the time, searching for something remotely watchable. Yesterday I settled on 'Jeopardy!' reruns.

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