Friday, June 11, 2010

K'naan sucks live, and Blake retires

Your Friday morning reading

-Here's a lovely piece about the retirement of Rob Blake, set to the words of Leo Tolstoy.

-TSN Headline: REPORT: Toronto awarded 2010 Grey Cup, apparently a full two years before the game itself is scheduled to be played.

-A day after the Cup Finals, where the country might begin to care about the Jays, they win on the heels of a strong start by Brett Cecil against the best team in the majors. Now that that's over, the World Cup is sure to drag the Jays back into relative obscurity.

Except today they play against Ubaldo Jiminez, which is worth watching, I believe this will be Jiminez's first appearance on Canadian TV. Don't miss it. It'll take three whole years before the next one.

-There are two high-profile Canadians at the World Cup, and neither are playing soccer. Steve Nash will be writing for CBSSports, while Somali-Canadian rapper K'Naan deals with Coca Cola's official song.

So, K'Naan was singing at the opening celebration concert, and, ugh... judge for yourselves:

It's amazing what auto-tune does, eh?

Kickoff is today. The first goal is projected for as early as next week.

-Justin Morneau! 2-for-4! Michael Saunders! 2-for-4! Ryan Dempster! Manages to avoid being tagged with the loss.

-Rich Harden is on the mound against Milwaukee for Texas today, unless he's traded first. Uh oh.


I apologize for having defended Chris Pronger yesterday. Allow me to make it up to you by introducing you to the wonderfully addicting game that is Taberinos.

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