Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday June 4th - Morning Briefing

I had written a post, but then Jim Joyce came around and deleted it before I could publish it.

-In all seriousness, Armando Galarraga threw out 27 of 27 batters, but on the 27th, a terrible call from umpire Jim Joyce kept him from throwing the third perfect game in 22 days. World of sports explodes, and all of a sudden Kerry Fraser is vindicated for the Gretzky non-call in 1993.

-Stanley Cup Finals. Philly wins at home, breaking Chicago's 7-game winning streak on the road. Ben Eager did not take the puck at the end of the game, so there's no real story here, except we saw a fantastic hockey game and are looking forward to Game 4 on Friday, with the series at 2-1 for the Blackhawks. Also to note, the deciding game will be on network television in the States, since VERSUS carried Games 2 through 4. 5, 6 and 7 are all on NBC. Bet they won't when Winnipeg and Hamilton meet in the Cup Finals.

-The Blue Jays gave up another lead in the 9th to the Rays, but Kevin Gregg wasn't in tonight to pin the blame on. A fantastic baseball game was at 2-1 headed into the 9th, and then Shawn Marcum collapsed. Toronto lost 7-3.

-Justin Morneau was upstaged by Ken Griffey retiring at Safeco last night but managed a hit in a 2-1 loss. Joey Votto was hitless but Jason Bay was 3-for-4 in a Mets loss to the Padres. Suddenly I'm not feeling so optimistic about the World Baseball Classic.


I don't know what's on tap for today. I'll take a walk, then end up watching baseball. The secret to good chicken is tomato sauce, hot sauce and teriyaki sauce. Let it be known.

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