Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sportsnet and their dirty Brodeur/Semin rumour

Sportsnet video from yesterday

I'm going to assume I'm not the only one who hates Sportsnet Connected. It's not that I have an affinity for neck ties, it's just that it looks absolutely pretentious when guys with grey hair pretend they're "with it."

Part of pretending they're "with it" involves their involvement with hockey 'blogger' Dwayne Klessel, who goes by the pen name of 'Eklund', who appeals to the lowest common denominator of hockey fans.

Klessel was part of the Sportsnet deadline day fiasco back in 2007, where he sat in the shadows at the top of the set.

Back on Tuesday, Klessel 'reported', citing his own anonymous sources that Martin Brodeur was going to be traded to Washington or something. (And then yesterday he pretty much contradicted his own post with another.)

I guess I'll pay lip service to how stupid of an idea the Devils trading Martin Brodeur would be. He's staying there for the rest of his career. He's not going anywhere, no matter how many Russians he can be traded for to convince Ilya Kovalchuk to stay.

But, a couple of New York newspapers picked up on the story, here's one, and here's the second.

It was Rich Chere from the Star Ledger who was the first 'mainstream' personality to respond to the rumour. Naturally, two New York newspapers that quoted Lou Lamoriello denying the dumbest trade rumour in existence obviously gives enough credence to the rumour so Sportsnet can run with it, right?

Screw journalist integrity, we have a demographic to maintain.

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