Saturday, April 23, 2011

Was Brad Marchand's goal against the Habs illegal?

Not to say that the rule being applied correctly would have made an impact on this game, but here is a case for the coach's challenge idea which has floated around the Interwebs for a year or so. As soon as I saw a quality angle of the first Boston Bruins goal in Game 5, I thought something was fishy.

First, a rule regarding broken sticks:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drive-by analysis: Those TSN playoff ads

You may have noticed these commercials that run on TSN as part of their lead-up to the network's playoff coverage. The ads feature short clips of the team followed by a short commentary by a TSN personality and the tagline: "Every team has a story".

Here are a few excerpts::

"If Price is focused and sharp, Habs are the dark horse." - Steve Kouleas

Friday, April 8, 2011

Presented without comment: Ottawa extends GM Bryan Murray

Per TSN, Ottawa has re-signed General Manager Bryan Murray to a three-year extension. Murray inherited an Eastern Conference Champion when he moved upstairs in 2007. After four years, the Sens have won a single playoff series and are 32-39-11 this season.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Toronto Maple Leafs fan would like to tell you how he really feels

After the jump is a video of full-time Leafs fan and part-time crazy guy Jeff Morris (Sens_Suck on Twitter) letting the world know that Toronto will be out of the playoffs for the sixth straight season.

This is quite unbelievable, actually. Video description: 'NOOOOOO...... THE STANLEY CUP WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OURS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sportsnet personality speaks out on journalistic independence

With regards to the title, he's also a Toronto Star writer.

Not surprisingly, the good guys over at the Puppets have already taken Damien Cox to task for a blog post he put on the Star's website Tuesday morning, before the Star took down a paragraph and he yanked the whole thing. Being the Internet, the thing exists in perpetuity along with every naked picture you've ever taken of yourself in a mirror.

A line PPP didn't get to, though, is this one:
The teams and the league love to daydream of a day when the independent media has been drowned out by their propaganda and fans don't see the difference.
For how much the blogosphere rips apart Cox, and for how badly Cox chose his words, he is right.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend reset: Jarome Iginla scores his 1000th point, and more

This will be as regular of a feature as I can possibly make it, since Sunday night is a great time to cool down with a glass of scotch and recap everything we got to see over the course of the weekend.

Jarome Iginla scores 1000th point, used to play for a lousy General Manager

When I was about six or seven years old, one of the books that ended up in mine and my brother's bookcase was a light read chronicling all National Hockey Players with 1000 points in their careers. Early on I gained an understanding and an appreciation for the players who held on long enough to still be effective late in their careers.

The first player I remember consciously seeing score his 1000th point was Doug Gilmour. I don't remember the play (but thank Youtube I can revisit it) but I do remember his Toronto Maple Leaf teammates stormed off the bench and mobbed him, only to have the goal disallowed for whatever reason. It was a dress rehearsal, and the real thing happened later in the game.