Thursday, June 10, 2010

Required viewing: Adam Burish has nice things to say about Pronger


Yes, on national television (although it IS NBC) Adam Burish called Chris Pronger "the biggest idiot in the league."

The best case scenario for this is that it'll turn into a hilarious exchange between Pronger and some anonymous beatwriter.

Since being traded from St. Louis, Chris Pronger has reached the Cup Finals with every single team he's been with in his first year of play, meaning his trade stock would be at its all-time highest, if it weren't for that stupid 7-year, $34 million deal Philly gave him.

So, really, Adam, while I'm sure you're proud you won the Cup and all, it's not like Pronger has never done anything. I'm sure 'Chrissy' is going to go home, his hot wife, to his millions of dollars, to his Stanley Cup ring, to his two Olympic gold medals, to his World Championship gold, to his World Junior gold, and to his Hart Trophy, seriously reconsidering being "the biggest idiot in the league."


  1. Your forgot to mention the two pucks he took.

    Really, Cam, you're going to defend Pronger when he gets a dose of his own?

  2. Burish said Pronger is an idiot and that he'd like to punch him in the face. You're saying Pronger is a talented hockey player. You're both right. And the fact that he is a good player and yet acts like a complete clown both on and off the ice and during and after games makes him that much more of an idiot.

  3. Me, I'd like to have a look at Burish trying to punch Pronger in the face. I'm no Pronger fan, but really, "I'm day to day with hurt feelings." How good is that?


  4. Burish will never be more than a name etched into a crowded Stanley Cup. Pronger will end his illustrious career winning every accolade he could possibly win and cap it off with a trip to the hall of fame. Its pretty clear who is really getting the last laugh.

  5. the difference here is that pronger is usually very creative with his antagonism and ridiculousness while burish is just being, well, an idiot.

  6. Burish is right about Pronger unfortunately he said it at the wrong time. At any other time the rest of the league would praising him for stating what has long been thought, just poor timing on Burish's part.

  7. His comments just about equal his talent.
    A playoff scratch, barely 4th line talent...
    Cant knock a future hall of famer with gold medals, 2 cups , world championships...
    Especially from a lunchbucket....
    What an ass...Thank your teammates for the ring you dont deserve...