Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 'Eh' Factor with the vuvuzela

A couple of days ago I wondered whether it was possible to have a notorious vuvuzela playing over a post. Well, thanks to the beloved internet, this is now possible. Just click here and you can read this post with the sweet, sweet hum of the vuvuzela in the lower left corner.

A couple of notes...

-Neate Sager killed it with his post about the Waterloo steroid scandal. As I found out last night, testing for CIS teams is usually some online exam that gives you a certificate, much like the one I had to take at work allowing me to lift heavy objects.

No player is given a mandatory test unless they make their sports' respective national tournament.

-Our red-and-white Swiss brethren had a shocking! (!!!) upset over Spain this morning, even though (a) the Swiss didn't allow a goal at the '06 World Cup and (b) Spain are the San Jose Sharks of the World Cup, never finishing higher than fourth, despite massive expectations.

With the NHL draft just a week away, I can't help what this does for Swiss prospect Nino Neiderreiter's draft stock.

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