Sunday, June 13, 2010

Liddell KO'd in Vancouver, Hamilton with pole in Montreal

Your Sunday morning update

-Three Canadians were on the card at Saturday's UFC 115 event in Vancouver. Montreal's Claude Patrick won against Brazilian Ricardo Funch with a guillotine choke in the second round in his UFC debut. Former middleweight #1 contender David Loiseau lost to Mario Miranda to TKO, but the Canadian buzzmaker at the event was Quesnel's Rory MacDonald, who took home a $65,000 "Fight of the Night" bonus in a loss to Carlos Condit.

The welterweight MacDonald, a 20-year old phenom who debuted professionally four years ago, dominated Condit with early strikes and take downs during the first two rounds. He came out a little cocky in the third and the veteran Condit devastated the BC-native with ground-and-pound, appearing to fracture Rory's right orbital bone with an elbow. The fight was stopped with just eight seconds left, which incensed the pro-MacDonald crowd, but the kid learned a valuable lesson in the Octagon tonight.

And that lesson, kids, is that if you work your whole life to an end of standing in a cage trading punches with big, scary men who work out for a living, you're probably going to get hurt at some point.

In the main event, Chuck Liddell, got knocked out for the third time in as many fights by Rich Franklin. Turns out his nickname "Iceman" derives from the substance most often applied to his face.

-Our friendly neighbors to the South tilted the world on its axis when a soft goal by Clint Dempsey found it's way past keeper Robert Green, upsetting our friendly cousins across the pond in World Cup action.

British broadcaster Martin Tyler told American audiences after the goal that it's "not one that you see regularly. If you're watching a game like this for the first time—and maybe some of you are—that just doesn't happen."

I think Tyler was referring to any type of scoring in soccer.

Meanwhile, Green reportedly has a tryout with the Vancouver Canucks next month.

-One of the most awkward headlines ever is about Lewis Hamilton's exploits in Montreal. I'm not sure if the UK Reuters reporter was referring to Hamilton's performance in the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, or his preference of strip bars on Rue St.-Catherines.

-Jeff Francis pitches against the Blue Jays today, who will send Jesse Litsch out to the mound for his first start of the season. The Expos have Stephen Strasburg going against Cleveland today. Interleague baseball! Love it!

-Justin Morneau and Jason Bay were a combined 0-for-7 today. Joey Votto went 1-for-3 with three runs scored and two walks, an RBI and a stolen base. I'm still trying to find out what team Matt Stairs signed with in the offseason.

-The Montreal Alouettes got their Grey Cup rings today. The team splurged on material costs this time around and went with 'A'-grade tinfoil.

-Finally, Chrissy Pronger had a brief retort to Adam Burish today, who called Pronger "the biggest idiot in the league" during the Stanley Cup celebrations Wednesday night. Pronger should really try to hit Burish where it hurts, by stealing the puck from Burish's first NHL goal, assuming that it's already happened.


-Algeria/Slovenia. Serbia/Ghana. Germany/Australia. Canadian Grand Prix. If you live in Winnipeg, Toronto, Regina or Edmonton, you could watch a CFL pre-season game. Get used to that feeling if you're in Toronto.

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