Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blogger: Pha-noof to save Leafs with arbitrary stitching on jersey

Leafs defenseman to be introduced as captain this month. Maybe.

The blogosphere has taken off. Ron Wilson started it after the season when he said that most players on the team look up to Phaneuf as the leader.

Today, some blogger known as 'The Hockey Twit' has posted a mockup of the Leafs sweater with the "C" on it for Phaneuf.

It's eventually going to happen. Part of the reason why the Leafs haven't named a captain since Mats Sundin is because they didn't want it to go to some European player like Kaberle, who's been with the organization for a while, wants to stay even with all the people demanding he leave, garners respect around the league and is one of it's premier offensive defensemen.

Rather, they will wait to give it to Phaneuf, who most of the league hates, who's been there for only a few months, and is one of the league's premier defensemen at missing the net and being out of position.

It will happen. Maybe 'The Hockey Twit' is right and it will happen on June 15. If not, we'll have to wait a little longer before we can cue the "I haven't seen a Dion lead this bad since..." jokes.

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