Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TSN2 to show gold medal hockey game tonight

Yes, TSN2 has been showing repeats of Winter Olympic events, and finally we get to the gold medal hockey game. It will come on your television box at 8 EST/5 PST, so set your PVRs accordingly. This one will never be wiped from the hard-drive.

A replay of the game is great. It allows us to watch and enjoy without the nervous finger-biting or plans to throw ourselves off the Lions Gate Bridge if they managed to choke away that 2-goal lead, although we are still allowed to remember the highs.

When the game finished, I reconvened with some of my friends, before heading off to my parent's place so I could write my column on the event for the school paper, which recapped the last week of the Olympics, before heading out to celebrate more downtown.

Here's the column on the goal and the ensuing celebration, or, as I like to call it, a monument to terrible, cheesy sportswriting:

[Click to enlarge]

These images are courtesy of Thompson Rivers University's student paper 'The Omega', who were merciful enough to have that the column itself taken off of their website.

A friend showed me this video yesterday. It really is a shame how announcers from the UK, France and South Korea, not exactly hockey hotbeds, seem far more into the moment than Chris Cuthbert.

Again, set the PVRs accordingly.

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