Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CFL Excitement rankings update:

-Today I will simply post the new rankings that my computer is spitting out at me. I am doing this for two reasons:

#1 - I did not watch a single second of football this week. Not at home, where I spent the weekend moving. Not at work, where the gay guy who worked the electronics department at the department store I'm a part-timer at bitterly refuses to show sports on the TV unless it's a corporate-mandated event.

"But Cam, surely you saw some highlights," NOPE! This brings us to reason...

#2 - Without an Internet connection I was lost, and by the time I got a connection last night any video TSN would have on their website would be way out of context, without understanding the flow of the game that was played. In elementary school, we always ran through the hypothetical "what three things do you bring to a deserted island?" question. A similar scenario dished out is likely "what three things do you bring to a house with no Internet [or cable]." Well I'll tell you what: my Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 for said N64, and a copy of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

On the plus side, I'm connected now, and the cable company assured me that the cable guy will be here within the next hour and a bit. I eagerly anticipate when I'll be able to watch Two and a Half Men while eating breakfast.

So... rankings: There was quite a bit of change this week, but not in the top two spots:

#1 - Montreal Alouettes The Als hold top spot despite blowing out two straight opponents. They do have the league's top offense and its top passing offense.

#2 - Toronto Argonauts Yep, still here, despite being punched to the throat 41-10 on Thursday.

#3 - Calgary Stampeders They played in another close game and moved up one spot. Henry Burris managed to not throw an interception.

#4 - Saskatchewan Roughriders Riderville is in a state of shock after discovering they have dropped one spot. Their tendency to play in games already decided after the fourth quarter has caught up to the fact that they play in ridiculously high-scoring games.

#5 - Edmonton Eskimos - BC Lions The two teams are sharing a spot here, both having moved up two spots thanks to an (I can only assume) thrilling game between two anaemic offenses and questionable decisions. This one involved a late fumbled that allegedly went unchallenged. CONTROVERSY!

#7 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats The Ti-Cats average nearly a 16-point difference in each game and wear yellow. Mathematically, that isn't very exciting, but they are one point more interesting to watch than...

#8 - Winnipeg Blue Bombers After a successful couple of starts, the Bombers have dropped down to the last spot in the wake of the Buck Pierce injury. They became a run-focused team that wins 33% of its games as opposed to a pass focused team that wins 33% of its games.

So there you have it. On Friday night we get the rematch of the Week One classic between the Riders and Alouettes. I may even get to watch it.

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