Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kurt Browning sets house on fire

Former Canadian figure skating champion and three-time Olympian Kurt Browning is doing well for himself. Until yesterday, he had a porsche convertible and a Forest Hills mansion.

Then, the porsche got left out in the rain, and, in an attempt to dry the seats, Browning used a leaf blower on the upholstery.

The resulting three-alarm fire sent flames through the roof of the Forest Hill mansion, brought 80 firefighters and at least 10 fire trucks to the scene and cost figure skater Kurt Browning and his ballet dancer wife Sonia Rodriguez the contents of their home.

“We’re dealing with a bit of a crisis here,” an obviously rattled Browning told the Star. “It’s family time right now.”

Neighbour Mike Markovic said he ran out of his house when he heard the commotion and saw half the house on fire and a bare-foot Browning standing outside.

[Toronto Star]

Why does the whole thing play out like it's something out of Backdraft?

Nobody was hurt, but the house was too 'structurally unsound' to go in. This meant that 80 firefighters and the Browning family had to stand and watch as the thing fell apart.

If you can afford a porsche and a Forest Hills mansion, please get a garage as well, okay, Kurt?

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