Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your daily Joey Votto update

Here's your daily Joey Votto update:

One day after being left off the National League All-Star team and getting tossed against the Cubs, Votto hit two home runs to take the National League lead.


Not surprisingly, Votto is in the lead in the 'Final Vote' campaign. He has received one (1) vote courtesy of the 'Eh' Factor (as has Delmon Young in the American League).

What's great is that in the lead-up to the All-Star game is a four-game series with the Philadelphia Phillies, led by Charlie Manuel, the old coot who left Votto off the team in favour of Omar Infante, who hit a game-winning single against the Phillies on June 2nd. Supposedly Manuel was impressed enough to name him to the team.

That series gets underway Thursday. I predict infinity home runs for Votto, and a foul ball that lands in the Phillies dugout knocking Manuel into the 21st century, where he'll learn that we measure the quality of baseball players by such things as 'home runs' 'total bases' and 'on-base plus slugging' now, and not with whatever quality we used to determine that Omar Infante was a more worthy choice.

'Hustle' or 'character' or whatever bullshit that was.

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