Thursday, July 22, 2010

FC Edmonton come close to beating FA Cup finalist

FC Edmonton, a team made up of almost all Canadians, came close to beating a team that were in the FINALS for English football's biggest trophy, the FA Cup!

They lost on penalties, and, if you've ever watched soccer (unlikely) you'd know that penalties are like a lottery. We came so close to beating the English!

Ah, except...

They were playing Portsmouth, who are on a brutal North American road trip and apparently don't play much on artificial turf like Commonwealth has. They have to explain to readers what artificial turf is.

Also, Portsmouth were recently relegated. While they fluked their way into the FA Cup Final against Chelsea thanks to an easy schedule, they also finished 20th in the Premiership League, meaning that they drop down to the lower division. I don't understand exactly how relegation works, but the Leafs should be very, very afraid. Also, due to injuries and an early red card, "Pompey" were down to nine men.

Here's a game report written in a language we can understand.

Mathematically, a team of fresh Canadian players let a bunch of tired foreigners onto their turf with a surface that foreigners don't understand, they're all hurt, one is sent off and they're down early. Then manage to come back and spit in the face of Canadian soccer.

Until the 24th Minute chimes in on the importance of this game, I think it's fair to sweep it under the rug for now.

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