Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday morning hoser update

I'm going to start running this feature on Saturday mornings. It will grow to include things to watch in the upcoming week in Canadian sports.

-First off, Mike Weir finished tied for 146th at the Canadian Open, in a 156 player field. If only the 'mendoza line' could be applied to golf. We're blaming tendonitis this time.

But St. George's Club in Hamilton isn't all that bad for Canucks. Abbotsford's Adam Hadwin is 4 off the pace after shooting 68-66. This is the first PGA Tour event for the 22-year old golfer who has made $5,387 in his life as a pro, which is even less when you consider all those earnings were frontloaded to reduce the Canadian Tour's cap hit.

-When he's not crashing into fences or tripping over bases, Jason Bay is putting up spectacularly mediocre numbers this season, with a D-grade OPS, just six home runs and slugging numbers off the first page of the National League leaderboard.

-Joey Votto, though, is a ballplayer. He is still putting up better numbers than Albert Pujols but the Cardinals are a half-game up on the Reds.

-The Cardinals wouldn't be up a half on the Reds if North Vancouver's Blake Hawksworth didn't have a 2-game win streak going. He's 4-5 and has a respectable 4.85 ERA.

-As far as the Blue Jays are concerned, Jose Bautista is still impregnating women across America. He still leads the major leagues in the home runs. Not since Jesse Barfield hit 40 in 1986 has a Blue Jay led both leagues.

-At the Tour de France, Ryder Hesjedal is closing in on the first top 10 spot by a Canadian since Steve Bauer in 1988. You just know that Hesjedal would be doing better on home soil. When does this race come to Canada, anyway?

Tour de New France. Escape Eastern Canadian rioters.

-This week in the CFL, the Lions choked against the Argos and fell 24-20, giving me ample opportunity to recycle a clutch 'when life gives you lemons' joke for later in the year. You know what isn't clutch? Just about everything associated with the Lions.

Also, the Tiger-Cats got rung up by the Alouettes in their home opener. Montreal was up by 19 in the fourth quarter and went for two after a Kerry Watkins touchdown.

TSN seemed surprised when discussing Jeremaine Copeland's lack of production this year for the Argonauts, funny considering his receiving numbers were at their highest when he was thrown to by Anthony Calvillo and Henry Burris in their primes.

And just a heads-up, the Sunday night baseball game on TSN2 has Chris Carpenter starting against Gibson's Ryan Dempster. Toronto FC play today against Dallas. There is also a chance that a Canadian will break 80 at the Canadian Open. It's a good week ahead.

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