Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roughriders 3-0, look dumb doing it

The Saskatchewan Roughriders came back at home to beat Edmonton 24-20 and climb to 3-0, while the Eskimos dropped to 0-3, with former Grey Cup MVP Ricky Ray a shadow of his former self. So naturally, the big story here is how silly the Riders looked while doing it.

*Cue Jerry Seinfeld voice* What's the deal with teams celebrating their centennials to overdo it with the retro and wearing outfits that would make Don Cherry blush? */seinfeld*

I can understand retro to an extent. But sometimes colours are phased out for a reason. Today was supposedly a celebration of the Roughriders' 100th year anniversary, and what are the colours that come to your mind when you think of Saskatchewan?

Black and shit-red, apparently.

Thing is, the Riders aren't the only century-old team to celebrate with merchandising opportunities. Who can forget the barber-poles or the pyjamas?

I will say this though: credit to the outfits that coach Ken Miller and his staff wore:

They remind us at the 'Eh' Factor of the second best thing about the Vancouver Olympics.

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  1. ugh, i hope we're in agreement that this was the best thing about the vancouver olympics