Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

What would a Canadian sports blog be without some dainty hoserism?

Canada Day is great. It's the opening day of NHL Free Agency, which means it's only about a week or so until Ilya Kovalchuk or Dan Hamhuis sign anywhere. It's also the return of football season, and the day for the Toronto Blue Jays to wear silly looking hats.

But it's Canada Day, which allows us to reflect upon how great this country is, particularly since it was on this day a mere 143 years ago that the British gave our elected government permission to ask the British permission to change our constitution! It doesn't get more Canadian than that. Canada Day allows us to celebrate that we don't have a national holiday marking the end of the second World War, or the invention of the nanaimo bar, but we have one celebrating a point in history where we just asked nicely.

So we have to celebrate. Celebrate the non-import rule in the CFL. Celebrate our favourite Canadian Major League Baseball stars (Victoria's Michael Saunders with TWO home runs against the Yankees last night! Take that, Battle of the Thames re-enacters!) Most importantly, celebrate players signing with Toronto who sound like STDs.


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And Happy Dominion Day. CFL recaps later, including whining about Glen Suitor.

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