Monday, November 15, 2010

Colin Campbell's time-bomb explodes

Here, friends, is the importance of the follow-up question.

When NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly came out today to talk about Tyler Dellow's now legendary take-down of NHL Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell, he said the following:
"Any suggestion that Colin Campbell performs his job with any less than 100% integrity at all times and in every decision he makes is way off base and just factually wrong. Because of the potential for a conflict of interest, or more importantly a perceived conflict of interest, the League has implemented various structural protections that prohibit Colie from having any oversight or disciplinary authority relating to any game in which his son, Gregory, plays. Its always fair to question and criticize League decisions as being wrong, but not on the basis that they aren't justly and fairly arrived at."
Daly admits here that the league has put checks and balances in place because they can't otherwise trust the emotional time-bomb Colin Campbell to make a decision on a play involving his son.

If the NHL's lead disclipinarian can't make objective decisions on every single game, what is he doing in that position?

If the mainstream media fails to bring down Colin Campbell because they don't use their access to ask follow-up questions, then what the hell are they doing with their journalism degrees?

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