Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking: Americans find reason to complain about Sidney Crosby

I have no idea whether this is a slew foot or not, and neither do you. From one side, it looks like a blatantly dirty play by the NHL's poster boy and lead cheap-shot artist, and from the other side, well, it looks like two guys got their feet tangled chasing after the same puck. Ryan Callahan was called for interference on the play, and probably rightly so, since the puck was on Callahan's side and he was holding up a player who wasn't making a play.

If Crosby can go from being tied up to make a conscious decision to slew foot an opponent without breaking stride or looking at Callahan's feet, all the credit to him.

What I like most about this play is reading all the comments on Greg Wyshynski's post about the incident from people who really don't have a reason to dislike Crosby, other than the fact that he stomped over their hopes and dreams at the Olympics.

One more time...

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