Saturday, November 27, 2010

A brief look at Hockey Night in Canada

In a move up there with the Edmonton Oilers firing their training staff, the butthurt guys at the Ottawa Citizen suggested last week that the team ban Toronto Maple Leaf fans from Senators' home games.

Why is this relevant? Because the Leafs and Sens game is the early game on Hockey Night tonight; neither team is really good this year at a combined 18-26 and both team has found a way to manage a loss to the other!

The teams are 1-1 in the season series, both games have been at Toronto, and Toronto are leading in EV scoring 5-1.

What are Leaf writers saying? Well, James Mirtle says the Leafs are pretty terrible and leave their young goalie out to dry every night. Jonas Gustavsson is 13th in GAA and SV%, yet has just 3 wins in 10 starts. The only other sub-.500 goalie in the top 15 of both major goalie statistics is Ondrej Pavelec.

Odd, the two goalies most likely in the league to suffer physical collapse...

What are Sens writers saying? The phrases 'damaging slump', 'goal support', 'couldn't win a game' don't exactly spur up confidence. The Sens have lost 6 of 8 in regulation, with their last "win" against the Kings not exactly a clean one. The Sens, again, have zero goaltending, and their $9 million top defensive pairing have allowed a combined 72 goals early on in the season. That's 51 at even-strength, for the second worst pairing in hockey (including American teams!) behind Tom Gilbert and Ryan Whitney (88, 69).


What else is on today? A sold-out Vanier Cup. Follow along with the live-blog right now, courtesy of our friends at the CIS blog. It's snowing in Laval.


The Grey Cup is tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. I didnt realize Gustavsson's stats had been so solid this year behind such a bad team. As much as I hate the leafs, I cant help but hope they pick it up, watching them lose isnt as fun anymore as it has been in previous years (previous years being my whole life).