Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your morning 'Eh' Factor headlines

Because we haven't done headlines in a while, why not?

Chris Pronger left the game in Philadelphia's 5-3 over Montreal last night. It is being called a 'lower-body injury' for now, because Pronger ran off with the medical reports.

Joey Votto was awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy on Tuesday. The Lou Marsh Trophy is awarded to the nation's top athlete and this will permanently enshrine Votto next to notable winners such as Chantal Petitclerc, Adam van Koeverden and Caroline Brunet. In unrelated news, last night, Steve Nash put up 19 assists in a Suns win, Jonathan Toews had his 14th goal on the season and Sidney Crosby recorded an assist to put his points streak up to 20 games. This also comes days after Georges St.-Pierre rearranged Josh Koscheck's face. Factor in the Olympics and, yeah, it was a pretty good year to be a Canadian athlete.

Canada's World Junior team's roster was revealed yesterday. The team is referred to as a blue collar, lunch bucket type of club, which is certainly reassuring to the Norwegian team who may only lose by 15 goals this time around. In fact, they are such a low-on-talent high-on-work-ethic team that only 16 of the team's 20 skaters have scored at least a point per game for their junior club.

Toronto Star hockey columnist and noted steroid expert Damien Cox crashed his car into a pole yesterday. We here at the 'Eh' Factor wish him a speedy recovery. By the way, don't a lot of drunks crash their cars? I'm not suggesting by any means that alcohol was involved but you gotta at least ask the question.

Ryan Kesler scored a hattrick for the Vancouver Canucks and vaulted them over the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2. Getting three goals in a National Hockey League game is a rare feat. So rare in fact, that just three other players, Nik Lidstrom, Drew Stafford and Tomas Fleischmann did it Wednesday night.

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