Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coach's Corner transcript: Grapes takes on Karl Marx

Don Cherry is a national treasure. Don Cherry also says a lot of stupid things during the first intermission of Toronto Maple Leafs games. After taking on Leafs fans, PK Subban, Alexander Ovechkin and praising Henrik Karlsson (for the same things Subban and Ovechkin do), Don went after the media. The following is a transcript of what he said. Take it away, Grapes.

DON CHERRY "I have to say something, I think that the National Hockey League is going nuts. Commissioner, I think you have to start thinking and think about, well, guys like me know what's talking, not the left-wing, pinko media bleeding hearts guys, now watch what they do the other night.

Janssen and Scott have a good go *video clip of a fight between John Scott of the Chicago Blackhawks and Cam Janssen of the St. Louis Blues* and it's pretty go. Now at the end of this, that the, leave it up here, I'm gonna talk to this. At the end of this they come out for the third period and they're talking. Now all they're doing is talking, right? Now what do you say, okay, that's enough *to video director, still playing the fight* now all they're doing is talking, now watch the referee! Little twit, throws him off. Look at the little twit, throws him off *video clip of incident* they go 'What? What for? What, what are we talking?'

Listen: they don't hit any more, they're trying to get hitting out of the game, what are you nuts? I know it's what I've been saying.

RON MACLEAN: "He [Janssen] says to John Scott 'We're going?'"

DON CHERRY: "Yeah, they can't believe it. Now get this: they're taking hitting out of the game, mandatory visors will be next *camera cuts back to Don* I guarantee you that's coming, there will be no fighting. Are you nuts? Are you nuts? You're trying to draw people down in the South, I guarantee you if you took my Big Bad Bruins, if you took the lunch pail gang down there, you would pack 'em. You take the Broad Street Bullies down there you'd pack 'em. It's NFL country, where the idea is to kill the quarterback. Action, banging all the time! Do you think in Florida they'd wa--"

RON MACLEAN: "They are trying to get the--"

DON CHERRY: "Bah! Yeah, they're doing a great job [sarcasm]. You think the people in Florida and all those places go out and say: 'What a lovely pass?' But if there's a fight, you're committing suicide Commissioner! Smarten up!"

RON MACLEAN: "Keep at it until you're blue in the chest. Don Cherry with the Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada on CBC."

Video - Coach's Corner, December 4th 2010

Pictured above is the moment where Ron lost what was left of his soul, having sat at the same desk with the most insane guy in hockey for seven minutes once a week.

Grapes did his best to overshadow the game at the Air Canada Centre Saturday night, and I guess he managed, since he's the major focus of this post. Tim Thomas made the save of the year candidate from this week, Toronto scored a late goal to send it to overtime, Nazem Kadri scored his first NHL goal, except it was in the shootout so it doesn't count, and otherwise, Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel traded shootout goals. Kessel's was the game winner. I guess this means Brian Burke is somewhat vindicated.

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