Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The pinkos are after Don Cherry, again

Fresh off his Saturday night rant against the left-wing pinko media bleeding hearts guys, Don Cherry struck again at Toronto City Hall at new mayor Rob Ford's swearing-in ceremony. At least Canada made it onto Deadspin!

Cherry made it past the old and senile stage a couple of years ago, and it can't be a good thing if he's getting into political discourse. It was nice that Cherry took the time to honour the fallen overseas at the end of each Coach's Corner segment for a while, but it should never go beyond that. Cherry's not a political guy who should be a right-wing mouthpiece, just as Rush Limbaugh should have never been on ESPN.

What Cherry said wasn't all that bad, it was just stupid and he was in the wrong place. CBC would be wise to tighten his leash on this guy, give him fewer minutes during his segment and restrict him to talking about hockey, before he goes off and says something overtly hateful or racist (even moreso than he's actually done). A lot of people still watch him and THA KIDS STILL LOVE 'EM so Hockey Night in Canada are sort of stuck with him until he voluntarily retires or croaks.

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  1. I've stopped watching Cherry and I've stopped watching the Leafs on CBC the past couple years. I've found I'd rather stay up until 1:30 and watch the late game then watch Cherry and the Leafs. The only time I watch the early HNIC game is if the Senators are playing on CBC Toronto.