Monday, May 31, 2010

The Phantom of the United Center

Don Cherry brings weirdness to new heights

Seeing Michael Leighton battle Antti Niemi in the Stanley Cup Finals and not weirded out enough? What about Ben Eager scoring game winning goals? Still not weirded out? Okay, how about Ron MacLean headed under the bleachers at the United Center to see Don Cherry playing the organ while dressed as the Phantom of the Opera?

To be quite honest, I have never seen a single adaptation of the original play, so maybe I didn't get the joke. The brief wikipedia summary didn't mention how any of the scenes in the play could possibly tie into Philadelphia's lack of discipline with Dan Carcillo on the ice or the lack of production from Chicago's big line.

The other thing I had noticed is how good Cherry's organ rendition of Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. In fact, it's like there wasn't even an organ in the song as the Blackhawks were skating out onto the ice. The man is a man of many talents.

It was terrific foreshadowing by CBC. Ben Eager, who scored Game 2's winning goal, played for the Philadelphia Phantoms during the lockout.

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