Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ron Artest breaks Steve Nash's heart

That's not how these games are supposed to end. A terrific basketball game with an equally terrific comeback by the Suns. At one point in the second quarter, they were down by as many as 18, before chipping away, behind Steve Nash, and then Jason Richardson tied it up with a three-ball with 3.5 seconds to go.

Done. Kobe covered, forced into taking a bad shot, we're going to go to overtime. With the Suns recent luck in the playoffs, this was going to be the year that it all turned around.

Then Ron Artest outmuscles Jason Richardson for the rebound, and stomps on the heart of Canada by hitting a layup high off the glass as the horn goes. This is just minutes after he put up a shot attempt with 21 seconds on the shot clock and his team up by 3.

What makes this loss so depressing was that the Suns had no business being in that game. In the second quarter they shot like the Irish infantry and had more turnovers than a bakery that was giving out free basketballs. Hell, back in the second quarter TNT showed a replay of Suns coach Alvin Gentry vomiting into a fucking garbage can. But somehow they clawed back. Nash had 29 with 11 assists. Stoudemire had 14. Even Channing Frye hit the odd three every now and then and had a double-double.

Goddamnit, that wasn't supposed to end that way. The series should be 3-2 in Steve Nash's favour going back to Phoenix to close. Here we all are, laughing at Ron Artest's stupid shot and wishing TNT would stop showing replays of Kobe Bryant's winning shots through the ages. So then Kobe has to throw up an airball and Artest make a miraculous play.

Damnit. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

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