Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Toronto Maple Leafs fan would like to tell you how he really feels

After the jump is a video of full-time Leafs fan and part-time crazy guy Jeff Morris (Sens_Suck on Twitter) letting the world know that Toronto will be out of the playoffs for the sixth straight season.

This is quite unbelievable, actually. Video description: 'NOOOOOO...... THE STANLEY CUP WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OURS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

This guy goes all out. Spoiler alert, he punches his freaking webcam.

Feels good to back back in the glorious underbelly of the Internet, after posting serious shit like I did last night. Also, I'm tired of the headshot debate, but in case you missed this late game between two teams that don't care Tuesday night, here's Raffi Torres pasting Jordan Eberle with his elbow:

If I'm Colin Campbell, I probably suspend Torres for two games (remainder of the regular season) and, if that doesn't happen, if I'm Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault, I probably scratch Torres for two games (remainder of the regular season) to send the message to his team that reckless play won't be tolerated. The 5-minute major with less than ten minutes to go down by one taken by Torres would look way worse in a playoff game.

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