Monday, June 13, 2011

So long to the Eh Factor, I guess

You might still be clicking on the Eh Factor. Might even be in your bookmarks, but, alas, with little time to update the Eh Factor, it might be time to shut its doors. I'm spending a lot of time with other projects. The purpose of the Eh Factor was sort of to get my foot in the door to the sports blogosphere, and while I really ended up only really talking about hockey, it worked.

I'm now writing for The Hockey Writers, the CIS Blog, SB Nation's Nucks Misconduct and I start today over at the Nation Network (best known for Oilers and Flames Nation, as well as which is where you all hopefully get your salary cap numbers) I also get a weekly column with Russian website which you'll be able to read if you can read Russian. I can't, and a big thanks to my friend Andrey, who not only hired me but also agreed to translate my thoughts into coherent sentences in Russian.

A lot has happened, recently I found myself covering the Memorial Cup in Mississauga and I met some fantastic people in Toronto and I hope to have the chance to work alongside them again as I continue my career.

There's a lot to be proud of with this little Blogspot I had, and a lot that I wish I hadn't posted, moreso, a lot of storylines that I had to ignore especially as school, work and other projects sort of caught up on me. I really wish I could have posted more about baseball, or been able to follow the CFL season closer than I was able to this fall. I'm still going to be looking for a place to write about football, baseball or even mixed-martial arts, so if you enjoyed any of that coverage, stay tuned. I'm also very dedicated to my Twitter feed, so if you don't mind mid-game snark, give me a follow. If you liked my hockey commentary, you hopefully can add those websites to your bookmarks.

There's no real point to a long, drawn-out farewell since I'm still going to remain quite active online, but since this is the end of personal blogging for at least another year before I go bankrupt, get a PR job, and start this up again as a hobby, I again want to thank Uncle John for all the support, Dad for sending me to school and Toronto, and all the writers who have given me inspiration. Sean for his kindness and fashion tips, Rob for the math lessons, Laura of TAS for all the support, Jeff for keeping me motivated, and, of course, everybody who's letting me write for their own websites: Bruce, Yankee, Kent. Friends of the Factor Andrew and Josh, Julian for really being the first to push my work, and Puck Daddy for getting the Matt Cooke post to go viral. Also, to Thomas Drance of Canucks Army (now a co-worker too, I guess) for keeping me occupied during the year with all the stats talk.

Many others, really. A year ago I wasn't sure whether I wanted to even write about sports for the fans after a few bad experiences, but this past year made it fun again. I've always loved watching sports, no matter what the game, and everything that's happened over the past year has done a lot to convince me that I can scratch and claw my way to making a living out of this and still have all the fun I had as a kid watching the game.

So, goodbye, I guess. I had a lot of fun with the Factor, but it has run its course and served its purpose.

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