Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And while we're debating intent...

In this messed up, topsy-turvy, screwy world of NHL suspensions and supplemental discipline, too much focus is placed on the intent of a hit rather than the result.

Allow us to view this hilarious moment from Monday night's Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild game, in which Cal Clutterbuck misses a check on Alex Burrows and goes crashing into the Canucks bench in comical fashion.

It looks funny now. But, on a forked path in this garden of recent NHL violence lies a reality in which Cal Clutterbuck barrels in six inches to the right. In that reality, trainers are picking up the pieces of Alex Burrows' skull from the padding against the stanchion of the glass long after the stretcher carrying Burrows has left the ice.

So while you're arguing about intent, are you also going to call for Cal Clutterbuck's suspension?

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