Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you watch one coach blowup today, make it this one

Full grades given out to Melville Millionnaire coach James Fiesel for this performance in an Saskatchewan Junior A game. This came on Friday night against the Yorkton Terriers.

Fiesel throws the sticks after, we assume, a missed call from the officials. Throwing sticks doesn't really get you on Youtube anymore, so credit Fiesel for picking one up as a cane and emulating a blind referee on his way off the ice.

The Terriers took a 4-3 lead late on a powerplay with Millionnaire Mark Owen off for slashing. The game sheet doesn't offer too much info into what led up to this. At 19:04 of the third period, Melville simply has a 'Served' by penalty as a game misconduct. No other penalties were assessed at that time.

The Millionnaires should change their name. After a tirade like this, you'd figure the punishment would be a little more than a 2-game suspension and a $300 fine.

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